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Couple promenadingWhat Square Dancing Actually Is
Square dance is a social experience, with you and your friends operating as a team. You follow the directions provided by a caller. The calls you learned at lessons come fast and they keep on coming. Once in a while you'll lack clarity on what to do next and then your friends will get you through it. At other times it will be your hands that hint to a fellow dancer what to do next when they feel lost. If you can keep the square moving and get back to your home spot, it's the experience of a shared triumph.

Exercise That's Fun
Even if you've got a great exercise program going for you, the more time you can spend on your feet and moving, the healthier you'll be. You can walk for miles at a dance and end up with more energy than when you started. It's an outstanding stress-free workout that you'll be able to do the rest of your life.

Friendly People
You'll meet people from all walks of life and make lots of new friends. Square dancers are some of the nicest people around.

Intellectually Challenging
Seriously. There are various dance levels and this can be tricky, challenging stuff if you're so inclined. But no matter what level you're dancing at, you'll be problem solving. It's a stimulating workout for the brain.

The Most Valuable Thing You Can Do For Yourself
We all need to get out and play more. You won't find anything better for your mind, your health and your heart. Grab a friend and get out and have some fun together.

Its History
Square dancing began in New England and then spread west with the settlers. It was the American way to get together and socialize. Fancy dance steps weren't required. Ranch hands and lumberjacks could do it. All you had to do was listen to the caller and have fun.

Born In The USA
Square dancing has evolved since then and spread into every corner of the USA and to over 50 countries (though interestingly enough, the calls are always done in English, so you can go to a dance in Japan or Germany and feel right at home).

Questions Answered:

Why lessons? Can't I just go to a dance?
You need to learn a collection of calls and be able to respond to them. To function as a member of the team you have to learn the language. Luckily the lessons are fun. Mastering something is fun. And the last half hour of each lesson is a dance geared to what you've learned so far.

What about those puffy dresses?
Ah, the crinolines. That did used to be the standard look at square dances. But these days people wear whatever they like. You'll see Hawaiian shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts, jeans, short skirts, prairie skirts—whatever works for you. Good walking shoes come highly recommended.

What if I can't dance?
No dancing ability is required. Square dancing is basically walking to music. If you can walk on the beat it's a shade more fun, but no one will ever notice if you don't. Square dancing was designed for guys who hate flailing away on a dance floor.

What if I don't love Country Music?
Well, yes, you will hear some country music at a dance. But it's good country. And you'll also hear all sorts of music. Callers are always looking for new catchy music for the dancers. Last season's "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen has the perfect beat for square dancing. You'll have some great music to move to.

Can I come without a partner?

What about the kids?
If they're old enough, say 10 and above, bring them along. We'd love to have them. (Younger than that? It's a judgement call. I once had a very focused 8-year-old who was fantastic. Talk to me.)

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