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Tuesday May 1, 2018, 6:30 to 8:30 pm - to register   poster

Highland Park Public Library, 494 Laurel Avenue, Highland Park, IL

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Today's Square Dance

It's not what you think it is

It's teamwork. You're working a real-time puzzle with seven other people.
And when you nail the outcome, it's really quite exhilarating.

Today's Square Dancing is not old-timey music, petticoats or cowboy shirts. It's not even dancing. (There's no artsy self-expression involved.) It's just walking to music. It's a little like football, except without the concussions. You've got formations. You've got a team around you. You've got plays sent in by the caller. The challenge is, can you run your route successfully? Now, granted, the team is coed. But that's a feature. If you enjoyed geometry in high school, you'll get a kick out of this stuff.

The music you walk to is varied, ranging from the Beatles to modern hits. Today's Square Dancing is great exercise for the body and brain. You'll walk several miles a night, and your mind will be challenged.

This is for everyone, couples looking for a date night, singles looking for a social outing, and families as well.

Keep in mind you'll need to be able to walk for extended periods of time at a very fast clip. This is a workout.

If you'd like to see some square dancing click here.

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